Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Workout Wednesday: TWITLOSS: The Evolution

No book review this week,
but please enjoy this fAB-ulous treat!

#TWITLOSS: The Evolution

This is how it starts

and this doesn't help

And then one day this

so then you get mad

and you try to do this

so you can stop this

Cuz this doesn't work

And as the days fly by

And you do lots of this

and this

and this

You pray the #'s decrease on this

Good Luck Everyone
On Your Own
Successful Travels


Colette said...

Loved that pic of Jacobs Abs!

Colette said...

Wait...that is the guy who played Jacob, right?

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Colette: No! Not Jacob. His name is Jed Hill and he's the cover model for Pamala Clare's new release Breaking Point out in July 2011. She tweeted out her cover this week and I WANTED him for my post, so I TOOK him lol!