Sunday, March 28, 2010

Naked Edge Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat!


I just finished reading Naked Edge by Pamela Clare and all I can think of to say is WOW!

This book is the perfect example of why I love reading a romantic suspense novel. Even now as I sit and write this review one day after finishing the book, just thinking about the ending is giving me goose bumps. As the suspense built towards a chilling conclusion, I couldn’t have stopped reading even if I’d wanted to I was that invested in the story (good thing it was a Saturday afternoon and not 1:00am on the morning of a workday!). As for romance, well let me just say that Ms. Clare delivers it in spades - Naked Edge is megawatt hot!

What happens when opposite attract? Gabe Rossiter and Katherine “Kat” James are about to find out.

Let me start my stating that I liked Gabe. He’s a love’em and leave’em type of guy and he makes no excuses or apologies for who he is or how he treats women. He wants one thing from a woman and he makes sure she understands what that is right from the start…S-E-X. He’s not relationship material; to him sex is just chemistry; an itch to be scratched before he’s on to the next conquest. Although it takes a while, we do discover that Gabe was terribly hurt by a past relationship and it’s the reason he’s closed himself off emotionally from women for the past 3 years. He may be a Park Ranger by day to pay the bills, but he finds solace in being an adrenaline junkie; he’s into extreme sports and is nicknamed the “rock-jock”. He scales cliffs with no harness or safety gear; taking great pleasure in risking his life with every climb.

Until he meets Katherine James…she’s about to rock is world.

Kat James is half Native American, raised by her grandmother on the reservation with all the core values and traditions of the Indian people. She may be an investigate reporter working for the prestigious I-Team at a Denver newspaper, but when it comes to men, she is a complete innocent. She’s never had a relationship or been kissed by a man. She’s searching for her other half; a soul mate and she has no intention of having premarital sex until she finds the man she plans to marry and have lots of kids with.

Gabe Rossiter is the last man Kat should be attracted to; they are total polar opposites. But fate has a funny way of intervening.

During their very first meeting Gabe saves Kat’s life after she is injured in a hiking accident and three months later, destiny brings Gabe to her rescue once again when a traditional Indian sweat lodge ceremony is interrupted and Kat is manhandled by other law enforcement officials on the scene.

When a story Kat is working on involving the looting of artifacts on ancient Indian burial grounds puts her life in jeopardy again, she turns to Gabe for help. As they work together to uncover the truth, the sexual attraction between them palpable even though both spell out early on what their expectations are (he wants sex, she’s not putting out until she’s married). I wasn’t too sure how Kat’s naivetĂ© would play out as her relationship progressed with Gabe and although he desperately wants her, he also respects her beliefs enough to restrain himself to a certain extent. Let me just state for the record that there are lots of hot and steamy scenes that don’t involve actual sex.

The nonstop action at the end of this book reveals Gabe true character; it’s heart-wrenching and almost brought tears to my eyes. Is the love of a good woman enough to bring a man back to the land of the living and restore him to the hero he’s always been?

Read Naked Edge and you be the judge. You will not be disappointed!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You'll be "Under The Gun" To Finish This Action Packed, Page Turner!


Back Cover Blurb:

A good agent never lets the job become personal…
Who wanted her dead? That's what Claire Samson wanted to know. On the run and alone, there was only one man she trusted to find her. Recovery agent Luke Hathaway was the best at locating and saving, and she needed the best if she wanted to live. But the handsome agent who promised salvation had some conditions of his own. If he were to help, she needed to stick close by his side. Very close. And the only thing more dangerous than her current situation was the way Luke made her feel. From the protective look in his green eyes, she could tell he felt the same. But every second that brought them closer together was also ticking toward an explosive confrontation that might tear them apart….

If you want a fast, quick, easy read then Under the Gun is the book for you.
HelenKay Dimon delivers alot of action in the 214 pages of her new Harlequin Intrigue.

Clair Samson is on the run and in serious trouble. She's been set-up to take the fall for murdering her estranged husband Phil (who it turns out really isn't dead after all) and now someone is trying to kill her. Claire turns to the one man she believes can help her prove her innocence and keep her alive at the same time.

Luke Hathaway hunts people for a living, both those who don’t want to be found and those that are praying to be rescued; he’s an expert at recovering people.

Her look may be different, but the minute Luke spies the familiar face in the computer monitor staring back at him, he recognizes it as none other than his former fiancée Clare Samson; the woman who jilted him just before their wedding two years earlier.

Aided by fellow agents Holden and Adam, Luke and Claire are going to have to set aside their differences and unresolved feelings for one another if they are going to solve the mystery of who set Clair up and the reasons why.

I loved the interaction between Luke, Holden and Adam. It was fun, quick-witted and full of sarcastic banter (I can only assume Holden and Adam get their own stories in the future and I certainly hope so!). Claire is no push-over either and she can certainly hold her own against the men. There was lots of fun dialogue between all the parties.

I know the author doesn’t have a lot of time for a back-story in these category romances, but in this case, I wish there had been more time to provide insight into why Claire left Luke and how she hooked up and married Phil so quickly after her breakup.

Under the Gun has it all; betrayal, deception, embezzlement, gunfights and even a daring escape from a burning building. The action is fast and furious once it starts on the second page and doesn’t let up until the end!

I really enjoy HelenKay Dimon’s writing and I hope you will to.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave....

I became a fan of Christy Reece when I discovered her first trilogy last year featuring the men and women of The Last Chance Rescue organization.

I had high hopes for Reece's latest entry, but have to admit to being disappointed.

No Chance is billed as a romantic suspense, but the suspense portion never had me thinking Oh My God I can't put this book down; or anxious to turn to the next page or make me want to stay up all night reading. As for the romance, the relationship between Skylar and Gabe left me feeling probably as frustrated as the two of them. Finally the villain never felt truly evil, but more like a dirty, sick pervert.

The story begins 8 years in the past where an innocent, 20 year old, wealthy socialite and famous model, Skylar James chances to meet Gabe Maddox on a South Pacific island get-a-way. Gabe is recovering from a horrific ordeal during which he was held captive for a year in Africa where he was treated little better than a dog. He's emancipated, weak and has developed a raging case of claustrophobia.

The attraction between the two is evident from the start and within a few days, they fall madly in love and get married. Skylar makes a conscious decision to keep her true identity from Gabe and this action signals the beginning of the end for the two lovebirds. Skylar's father the wealthy, powerful Jeremiah Jones who is unimpressed with the news of his daughter's marriage then perpetrates a series of lies that shatters the course of true love for Gabe and Skylar (no spoilers here, if you want to know what he does, you are going to have to read the book).

Fast forward eight years where we find out Gabe is a recluse, working as an elite undercover operative for LCR (which is still being run by Noah McCall, from Reece's previous books) and Skylar has been kidnapped by unsavory characters who plan to sell her into sex slavery until they realize who she is and decide to ransom her for 10 million dollars instead. Enter the Last Chance Rescue team hired by Jeremiah James and the hero to the rescue is none other than Gabe Maddox. As in another of Reece's previous books, white slavery and sexual exploitation plays a major role in No Chance.

So the Gabe/Skylar reunion is not one big happy family gathering; both are bitter and harboring feelings of betrayal toward each other. Even though they haven't seen each other for the past eight years (each for their own specific reasons - cue Daddy's lies), neither has forgotten the other (nor apparently had sex with anyone else either o_O).

I wanted to feel for these two but something was missing. Maybe I wanted some playful sexual banter instead of the: I love you, but I don't want to love you, but I've always loved you, but you lied to me and betrayed me ad nauseum. Skylar cries and tears up repeatedly and is just an emotional mess. Gabe is busy casting furtive, longing glances in her direction and on no less than four occasions, Gabe catches Skylar in a skimpy towel after she has exited from the shower...and nothing happens. Just get it on already!! You both know you want to. They tortured not only themselves, but each other and then me in the process.

I really really wanted to love this book, but now I see I had No Chance of getting my wish. I already have book 2, Second Chance on pre-order which is Cole's story and I am hoping it lives up to its expectations (the excerpt certainly intrigued me).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

After a five month delay due to weather (can you say Canada eh?), I had the opportunity to play tennis today. OK, so it was a gorgeous day in South Western Ontario, but not nice enough to don shorts and a t-shirt and hit the outdoor courts, but nice enough to trek down the road and hit the indoor courts.

This is the first year in about fifteen years that I have not been able to play indoor winter tennis (our city's only indoor facility folded last year), so when my friend Dianne called and asked if I was interested in joining her and a couple other friends at the indoor club she belongs to I readily agreed.

So I dusted off the tennis racquet and prayed it would remember what to do once we hit the courts. For my part I was relying on muscle memory to get me by; after all it's only been five months and I've been playing tennis most of my adult hard could it be to remember how to hit a fuzzy yellow ball with a big racquet?

It felt great to be back on the courts after my enforced absence. Sure I sprayed a few forehands, my backhand sucked, but then it always did. I dumped some volleys into the net, but my serve was consistent and as always by competitive spirit kicked in...I HATE TO LOSE.

The two hours flew by on court and a good time was had by all. The gals I play tennis with are a great bunch of ladies and they make it fun.

I may not have come out on the winning end today, but I did realize how much I've missed playing tennis these past few months. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder and with spring and outdoor tennis just around the corner in a few weeks I'll be back to doing what I love.

Another realization I made today - I better get my act together and get back to my cardio routine at the gym if I don't want to have my ass handed to me on a regular basis on the tennis court.

See you on the courts in a few weeks..better bring your A game!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 Plus Stars! Something About You is a Humorous, Sexy, Fun-filled Read

How do I love thee "Something About You"? Let me count the ways.

Things I loved: Everything with a Capital E
A smart, sexy heroine, who gives as good as she gets
A sexy, hot "glowering" hunk of an FBI agent
Quick, witty, sarcastic banter that had me smiling and laughing out loud
Wonderful relationships
A suspense plot reminiscent of today's headlines (think John Edwards and Andrew Young).

Things I disliked: Nothing

I know, I know.. Details, Details.

Home renovations have forced U.S. Assistant DA Cameron Lynde to spend the night at the very expensive and upscale Peninsula Hotel. Thinking she's treating herself to a night of pampering and relaxation (after all she could have chosen a cheaper hotel); instead she's forced to endure the rambunctious goings-on in the room next door. And it goes on and on and on all night long.

Finally Cameron has had enough and calls the front desk to complain about her noisy neighbors and while waiting for management to arrive, she hears the doors of the room next door open and close and peeks through the peephole and spies a suspicious, hooded character leaving via the stairwell.

All is not as innocent as it seems in the room next door when a women's dead body is discovered. Cameron now finds herself the prime witness and potentially the last person to see the killer as he was leaving the room.

Enter FBI agent Jack Pallas; a strong, sexy, drop dead gorgeous hunk with a "glowering" disposition. He's recently returned to the Chicago branch of the FBI and along with his partner Wilkins has been called upon to investigate the murder.

Clash of the Titans comes to mind when Jack and Cameron first see each other. Neither is pleased to see the other one again. Turns out they have a past. She's the reason he's spent the last 3 years in Nebraska. She refused to prosecute a case that Jack had spent 2 years working on and as a result he called her some not so nice names on camera that made headlines nationwide. Jack's remarks "I think the assistant U.S. Attorney has her head up her ass, that's what I think. They should've assigned the case to someone with some fucking balls." almost cost him his career, but instead got his ass booted to the wilds of Nebraska.

Now that Jack is back and the lead investigator on the case and Cameron is the lone material witness to the murder, they are forced to work together whether they like it or not once Cameron is put in protective custody.

The plot is fast paced and full of action including corruption and a high level political conspiracy. Although the suspense subplot plays a major role in the novel to advance the story, the reader knows from the get-go who the bad guy is so there is no mystery as to his identity or why he is out to silence Cameron.

The relationships in the book are outstanding. Jack and Cameron's relationship builds slowly, but their interaction is ohh sooo full of sexual tension and chemistry through the roof. Cameron and her BFF's, Amy who's in the process of getting married and gay sports writer Colin are again written in a witty, fun-filled manner. And Jack and his partner Wilkins sarcastic, hilarious dialogue kept me smiling all the way through especially when they played out the "good cop" "bad cop" scenario (guess who played bad cop?). Wilkins had a way of getting under Jack's skin, in a good, funny way.

Lastly a few final thoughts. I loved that Jack loved to read and had a great home library; loved that he crept into her bedroom and slept against the wall to protect her during the night and that he truly was a gentleman and took his job protecting Cameron seriously; and one last funny one for me was when Cameron was embarrassed about old episodes of the The Bachelor on her DVR and felt she needed to delete them when she found out she was having in-house protection (that made me laugh out loud as I know from Twitter Ms. James herself watches The Bachelor).

You will not be disappointed if you decide to read Something About You. It is a fantastic contemporary read!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enhancing the Blog - A Two Day Visit to Blog Hell!

It's day five of my foray into the unknown world of being a blogger. When I decided to start this blog I didn't know what I was doing and over the last two of days, I've discovered I know even less.

Last Friday with my basic little blog template and a few added widgets (after I figured out what they were) I was pretty proud of myself. I had myself a blog.

So last night for whatever reason I decided to become adventurous (or I was possessed and delusional) and "enhance" my little blog. I went looking for a new template to load - I wanted a 3 column one (like I would know the difference) with fonts and pretty colours I could pick and choose and change. I found a free template to download and I spent all night (I'm talking like hours and hours) playing around; adding pictures, adding new widgets; adding text and it was looking mighty fine there for about one hour. Then the bottom dropped out. At some point I couldn't make any more changes, I couldn't even load the blogger was like my computer had just taken the link and pouf - made it disappear.

Luckily I can access my work's website from home, so I logged on to see if I could find my blog on the internet through my work access and attempt to resurrect it, after all it was time to get.......Back to Basics.

Thank God I could finally access my f*%...ahh blog and I quickly got busy deleting fonts and colours and the widgets and gidgets and gadgets I'd spent hours copying and perfecting hoping against hope I could restore my blog to it's former simplistic glory.

At midnight I gave up. My blog was visible, but I could not access it from my home internet access.

Tonight after work I spent hours and hours again on this blog and voila here is the end result - my new and improved blog!


I am sure this is how my poor computer was feeling last night. I know I was feeling like my head was spinning!