Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Workout Wednesday: Date #8 was Grrrreat!

Hey! Jill Shalvis stole my mantra for the name of her book! The Heat is On refrains over and over again in my head as I put the peddle to the metal week after week to meet my read-n-ride deadline. I guess I'm in good company.

Pages read 218 pages
Riding Time 2 hours 1 minutes
Calories Burned 813
Distance Peddled 42.13

For My Thoughts

So there were 2 reasons The Heat is On by Jill Shalvis was this week's choice for the weekly read-n-ride challenge.

1. Jill Shalvis (enough said).
2. I needed something short, sweet and sexy...ok the sexy part is an added bonus, but I'm not above doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Let me get this random thought out of the way first...the character's names. Bella...Jacob; Bella...Jacob...Whaaaa??? Wait was I reading Twilight this week LOL? You think this means Ms. Shalvis is Team Jacob?

In this day and age of social networking and hooking up, on-line dating seems like the perfect way for Bella Manchelli and Jacob Madden to meet. In The Heat is On, Bella's experience can best be summed up by: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good:
As someone who never stays in one place long enough to get bored, you meet a group of guys (no last names required), have fun and then move on since you have no interest in any long term commitment to tie you down. If you're really lucky, you meet a tall, dark and drop-dead sexy guy, get your freak-on on the first date and slink away before that morning after awkwardness descends. Saving the best for #8 was GRRREAT!

The Bad:
The men of dates #1-#7 are getting shot at and when one of them is discovered murdered at the back door of your place of employment...turns out they weren't quite so lucky and now neither are you.

The Ugly:
You have a deranged stalker after you determined to eliminate the competition for your affections so he can have you all to himself.

Back to The Good: The cop investigating the murder? Well it's none other than Jacob, sexy date #8. Imagine his surprise when he turns up in cop mode the "morning after" only to discover you really weren't planning on moving to Siberia like you told him and are in fact, at the center of his police investigation.

The Heat is On is a quick easy read, with lots of sizzle and a nice balance between the romance and suspense action. Shalvis' trademark witty style of writing is of course always a plus.

Got a few hours to kill? Don't spend it trolling those on-line dating The Heat is On!

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