Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joe Wants to Know

What Are You Waiting For?

An engraved invitation?

So no new episode of True Blood this week? Don't cry, don't despair and no worries because Alcide's here in all his howling, AB-u-lous hawtness, hard at work "pimping" my blog contest for me.

So get your were-wolf loving butt over to my Mini Celebration Post and enter a comment to win. It's free...It's easy...and best of all Alcide says Just Do It (or wait...maybe that was Nike?). Anyhooooo just do what the man tells you to!

Click here and post a comment - How hard is that?

And don't forget to check back this week for my own version of David Letterman's Top 10 5 personal reasons for'll be good for a few smiles and me.

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