Sunday, September 12, 2010

TWITLOSS! My Top 5 Reasons To Lose Weight: Reason 3 Too Fat to Find Release

He may be travelling ATWFF, but America's favorite Big Brother 11 houseguest Jeff Schroeder (btw he's my reality TV crush) took some time out of his busy schedule to host TWITLOSS Reason #3

Now don’t y’all get excited and let the title of my post scare you away thinking I am going to reveal TMI about my release issues.

I do have issues, but it's not what you are imagining.

Car manufacturer’s today provide drivers with all the comforts and modern conveniences known to man, including a little lever right inside your car to open the gas hatch. Mine just happens to be on the floor between the seat and the door. Just pull up on the lever and voila - the gas cap door pops open.

How convenient is that? A great invention right? Easy Peasy! Well if you can’t reach the lever past your heaving bosoms and over your jelly-belly roll of a stomach then yes it becomes an issue.

Why you ask? Well I am lazy and I patronize the full-service gas station where they pump the gas for you, but I do have some responsibility - TO RELEASE THE HATCH.

If I can’t reach it then a) I have to undo my seat belt, open the car door and struggle to reach that pesky little lever or b) even worse I have to get out of the car…wait if I have to go to all that trouble then I may as well just pump the darn gas myself!

This may seem like a pretty lame and trivial reason to some, but the fact that I chose it as TWITLOSS Reason #3 should tell you just how much the experience aggravated and actually embarrassed me week after week after week.

TWITLOSS Reason #3

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