Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thieves Like Us

The last thing Janet Westfield needs in her life is an ex-con. But when she's accused of trying to pass stolen jewelry, the only one who can help her is the extremely charming ex-jewel thief she's been avoiding, Rocky Hernandez. Unable to deny her attraction, she falls for him, hard. Unfortunately, his past is putting her in even greater danger, and the best way for Rocky to save her might be to leave her.

Making the Grade: C+

For My Thoughts

Let me start by saying that the first book I ever read by Starr Ambrose Lie to Me was one of my favorite books of 2008. I had never heard of Ms. Ambrose before I read that book, but I knew I would be reading any future books by her I liked it that much.

Thieves Like Us is a follow-up to Lie to Me and features Rocky and Janet’s story. I wanted to read this book ASAP hoping for a repeat performance of the funny, entertaining book that was Lie to Me and although I enjoyed Thieves Like Us, I found it lacking the same wow factor that had me reading Ms. Ambrose’s 1st book in record time. Sometimes it‘s hard to pinpoint exactly why you love one book so much while another is just a good solid read.

The characters made the story for me. Ex-con, Hawaiian shirt wearing Rocky Hernandez is the perfect example of not judging a book by it’s cover. He’s hunky, he’s hot and he’s a lot more than a reformed jewel thief running a successful security business and he‘s determined to show one Janet Westfield that they could be great together.

Janet's been trying to avoid the flirtatious advances of one Mr. Rocky Hernandez for months since she doesn't exactly have a soft spot in her heart for men at the moment especially not after her dick of an ex-husband Banner tried to have her killed by Colombian drug lords. Kinda makes a woman think twice about hooking up with a guy again. But now with Banner cooling his jets in jail, Janet wants to purge her ex from her life and decides to unload an antique necklace given to her as a gift and discovers it’s part of a very expensive stolen collection. The big question on everyone’s mind including the Colombians, a Russian mafia boss and a character named Sleazy Easy is where are the other pieces of the Pellini Collection? Annnd the hunt for the gems is on. Problem is everyone thinks Janet knows more about the missing gems than she does and suddenly she finds herself with a huge target on her back.

Rocky and Janet must outwit, outsmart and outlast (survivor anyone?) all the bad guys combined in a race to recover the missing gems before someone ends up dead.

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