Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Trio of Treasures from Laura Griffin

During the Christmas holidays I found some time to read and went on a reading mini-marathon of Laura Griffin backlist titles. Ms. Griffin excels at writing romantic suspense, a favorite genre of mine and her books have quickly become must see TV read books for me.

For anyone who is even remotely interested in Romantic Suspense then you must add Laura Griffin to your list.

Here's a quickie look at the latest trio I read in record time.

Cecelia Wells knew better than to answer the door the night her Ex Robert showed up after all he was her Ex for a reason. Rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated and he was definitely not the Chinese food delivery she’d been expecting. Fast forward a couple hours and now the Ex has been found permanently X-d out and in the SUV he stole right out from under Celie’s nose. There will be no miraculous resurrection for Robert this time. Next thing Celia knows the Feds come a-calling and the Saledo crime family wants it’s missing money Robert stole from them and everyone is looking to Celie for the answers. Thanks for nothing dear hubby for dumping your garbage on my doorstep - R.I.P. Thank goodness handsome, hunky reporter John McAllister (a walking, talking impersonation of Matthew McConaughey as described by Celie's neighbor Dax), an old acquaintance of Celie’s has come to her rescue.

Celie's been through a lot recently including surviving a sexual assault, so even though she knows John is extremely interested in her, his playboy ways and her past history means they have some tough hurdles to overcome. Not to mention trying remain alive because things just aren't adding up and the mob ain't fooling around...they want their missing money back - NOW!

Making the Grade: B+

I found Fiona Glass to be one of my favorite heroines to date from Ms. Griffin's books. Art Professor, gifted artist and renown forensic sketch artist. She's the go-to gal, the best of the best when it comes to interviewing witnesses and creating the sketches that catch the bad guys, but the emotions involved in re-creating faces of the monsters who prey on women and children are taking a toll on Fiona. She hates the drawbacks of being a police sketch artist and really just wants to retire so she can concentrate on her own painting and is in fact preparing for her first showing. Then the next phone call comes and the pleading and begging and the desperation she hears in the voices of the law enforcement officials sends her resolve crashing to the ground and she’s right back in the middle of another investigation. Graingerville Police Chief Jack Bowman needs Fiona and he's certain she's the only one who can help solve an 11 yr old rape case that has similarities to a new crime in his district involving a missing girl. No matter how nicely Fiona turns down his request, Jack will not take no for an answer. Jack can be very determined when he puts his mind to it.

Fiona is grace under fire when dealing with the witnesses. I especially like the scenes involving the children she had to interview. There are a couple of different cases running parallel in Thread of Fear and each showcased Fiona to her full potential. Fiona’s a smart, class act but she’s her own worst enemy…she just can’t say no and stick with it, whether it’s Jack doing the asking or her freeloading younger sister Courtney.

Another terrific suspense driven story that keep me riveted right to the end.

Making the Grade: A-

Courtney wasn’t like a lot of the other heroines (professional, poised, highly educated) in Griffin’s books. When we first met her in Thread of Fear she was kind of a wild child, screw-up bumming off her sister Fiona. In this book she’s trying to change and stand on her own two feet, but she‘s barely managing to eeeeek out a living as a hairstylist. At least she‘s finally seen the light since she recently discovered her rich lawyer boyfriend has been 2-timing her…with his wife no less…the nerve of some men! After getting a text from the two-timing douchebag, she agrees to meet him one last time in the park and give him a piece of her mind once and for all. Unfortunately for David - he’s permanently put to rest when a masked bandit high-jacks their meeting, David ends up dead from a gunshot wound and Courtney becomes the prime suspect.

I liked Courtney a lot. She’s a flighty, feisty, fun wise-cracking force of nature. This book had one of the best pick-up lines in a bar ever and it cracked me up. “What’s your sign?” Courtney’s response “Do not disturb.”

Courtney’s also in a heap of trouble with a capital T and no one deserves her brand of trouble more than the lead detective Will Trent. Will’s an ex-marine, the strong, silent, all business type and Courtney just can’t help but try and ruffle the unflappable Detective’s feathers at every turn.

Will’s got Courtney’s number and he knows she isn’t being totally forthcoming regarding her involvement in the shooting of her ex-lover and with the real killer still at large, Courtney is far from out of danger.

Lastly, cutting someone’s hair would not necessarily be considered the greatest set-up for a sexy encounter, but when Courtney’s wielding the scissors and the controlled and contained Detective Trent’s in the chair - the outcome is a sexually-charged hair raising experience.
Making the Grade: A

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Leslie said...

I recently read my first Griffin book, Untraceable, and am gathering up her backlist. So far I have all three that you mentioned. Good to know they're such good reads. :)