Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beg Me: I Can Be Your Hero Baby

Elliptical E-Reading
Time 2hr 1mins
Cal 1658
Pages 182KB

Making the Grade: B

For My Thoughts

Beg Me by Shiloh Walker won’t tickle everyone’s fancy since the storyline does involve a lot of naughty behind closed doors smexy action. People be forewarned…this is a very erotic short story that includes some bondage, spanking and rape fantasy role playing. In other words…this book is HAWT. There were a couple of times while I was reading it on the elliptical that I had to stop it was that smoking hot. I kept checking my Itouch to make sure it hadn’t caught on fire. Me - I wasn’t so lucky because hose me down Batman Superman…I was burning up!

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t read Beg Me but really you’d be missing out on a great story if you decide to skip it. Beg Me is about taking back your life, learning to live and trust again while you fight against your fears to regain everything you’ve lost that matters to you.

Tania Sinclair lost the love of her life, her husband in a tragic car accident. In addition she’s been betrayed by someone close to her…her husband’s twin brother who to add insult to injury used her own dark fantasies to brutally rape and terrorize her. Now the dark, kinky bedroom behaviour that used to bring Tania such joy, leaves her feeling cold and scared to death.

It’s been two long years, but Tania is finally ready to stop hiding and start living again. She’s got a plan...going to start slow…take baby steps…and she’s got the perfect person in mind to help execute the plan…her husband‘s best friend Drake Bennett.

To me Drake made this story. He’s the perfect hero, in fact his nickname is Superman (this has another meaning in Beg Me and if you want to find out what it is - you’ll have to read the story). Besides the fact that he is super sexy, he’s the ultimate best friend a girl can have. Drake is protective, giving, caring, understanding and willing to do and be anything Tania needs him to be to help get over her fears. There is no mistaking that Tania’s needs and wishes are Drake’s number one priority even when she asks the ultimate of him and he has second thoughts about carrying out her request. Don’t get me wrong, Drake is by no means a bystander in their relationship, in fact he can get down and dirty with the best of them given the right incentive.

Everyone needs a superhero in their life…someone to scare away the bogeyman and check for monsters under the bed and every girl should be so lucky to have their very own Superman. Tania was one very lucky girl...ohh and if you're wondering...her plan worked to a T.

Book Blurb:

Beg me…there had been a time when those words made her burn with desire. But now, there was only fear.

Once, Tania Sinclair’s life was almost perfect…oh, it had its ups and downs but she was happily married to a guy that adored her, one who had no problem indulging every kinky fantasy she ever had. But a couple of tragedies later, she’s barely holding it together. A car accident took away her husband, and an attack from somebody she should have been able to trust has shaken not only her confidence, but it’s also stripped away her fantasies and even made it painful to look back on her memories of her husband without fearTwo years after her attack, Tania is determined to take her life back and the first step is taking back herself…her fantasies, her dreams, her memories. There’s only one person she can trust to do it, too. One person she wants enough…Drake Bennett, her husband’s best friend.

Falling for your best friend’s wife—never smart. Drake’s watched Tania quietly for years, watched her…wanted her, knowing he’d never have her. First, she was taken. And then, that night two years ago—a night that still scars her, a night that’s left bruises on her that still haven’t healed. He does what he can, though, because he loves her too much not to. He’s her friend, there when she needs him.

And now she needs him. She’s asked him for a favor…one that just about blows his mind…


Julie said...

I've seen this book around lately and everything I've read about was positive. I'll have to give it a try. Nice review!

BLHmistress said...

Wow that does sound like hot book something I need during this cold weather lol