Sunday, December 5, 2010

I AM DYING - Wish I Had an IYD Number to Call for Answers

Making the Grade: A-

For My Thoughts

Well the ending as I was forwarded did not disappoint in it's sucky cliff-hangerness. In fact it sucked big red balls! I hated it. And yet it makes me salivate for Jan 18 2011 when the next and final book by Karen Marie Moning Shadowfever releases.

It was all a dream right? I'm talking about the ending. That's why the author named this book DREAMfever right (I have to thank Mandi from @smexybooks for filling me in on this theory)? It's a dream and Mac has a fever because what we are led to believe happens at the end of this book - simply cannot be true.

This was my favorite book of the series so far and part of the reason why is it’s chock full of Barrons goodness. All Barrons - all the time!

Let’s get chapter 4 out of the way. You all know when you think about Dreamfever your mind immediately goes to chapter 4. It’s been 4 books and finally we get some Barrons and Mac action between the sheets. I honestly did not think we were ever going to see these two hook up…well if what they did in chapter 4 can be considered hooking up. I think if Barrons were to explain his motivation for his actions in this chapter, he would deflect and make it seem he was just doing what needed to be done to bring Mac back for the edge..back from being Pri-ya. He was doing a job…it’s a “dirty” job and someone had to do it and ohhhh what a job Jericho Barrons did. We saw a side of Barrons that almost made him appear human..laughing, singing, dancing, and an inexhaustible ability to keep it up (yup that's what I'm talking about).

Mac survived her terrifying ordeal at the hand of the Unseelie Princes and her sex-filled days with Barrons being brought back from being Pri-ya, but she’s no longer an innocent, southern belle Barbie, rainbow girl whose favorite color is pink. She’s now Mac 4.0, stronger, sleeker, faster, hardened and matured by her past experiences. Now her favorite colors are black and red. I was sad to see Jericho and Mac revert back to Barrons and Mrs. Lane after the heat level of chapter 4, but there was lots of snippy, sexual innuendo and tensions filled encounters to keep me entertained.

There is a lot of action as Dreamfever builds towards it climatic cliff-hanger ending.

Mac and Dani develop their Big Sis, Little Sis relationship - I really like the young Sidhe-Seer and loved how Mac protected her and looked out for her at all cost. V’lane is almost non-existent in this book; The Lord Master is as evil as ever and even the missing, lie-detector Christian MacKelter mades an unexpected appearance.

And we finally get to find out what happens when Mac dials the infamous IYD (if your dying) on the pre-programmed cell phone given to her by Barrons.

I will admit that I was a chicken when it came to finishing Dreamfever. I knew the ending would be shocking and unsatisfying and leave me wanting more and full of questions. I stopped reading with about 8 pages left (I know you are all thinking how could you not finish the book), but seriously I knew the ending was bad, it was bedtime and I wanted to be able to sleep and not have nightmares. So I waited until the next day to finish it on my lunch. Those last eight pages were action packed and of course I had the reaction everyone who reads this book must have had. WTF is that ending about?

Is it Jan 18, 2011 yet? Bring on Shadowfever and let's all finally get some fecking answers!


Patti (Book Addict) said...

Yup, chapter 4 (heh heh). The ending left me with my jaw on the floor - I cannot wait for Shadowfever! I'm so freakin' excited she's coming to New Orleans!!!

Julie said...

"I wish I had an IYD number' Love it! Great review and I can't wait to read your review for Dreamfever.

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I was such a chicken too!! I kept postpobing ending this one, but it was soooo good!!!

Great Review!

Is it January yet?? LOL