Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Money Shot

Title: Money Shot
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Author: Susan Sey
Pub: June 7, 2011 by Berkley Sensation

Secret Service Agent Maria "Goose" di Guzman knows something about penance. A tragic mistake forced her to replace the dangerous, impulsive girl she'd been with someone better, smarter. Someone sexy, cool and utterly controlled. But one crack in her perfect facade lands Goose on tiny Mishkwa Island, investigating naked hippies, frisky moose,and a red hot park ranger who sees straight through her.

When Rush Guthrie traded in an elite military career to police his tiny island home town, he got a pretty good deal: a park ranger's badge, a resurrected conscience, and signed of life from his MIA sense of humor. A guy couldn't want anything more. But when Goose turns up--all sexy curves, sad eyes, and thorny questions--Rush realizes he can want more. A lot more

While Goose pursues the island's deepest secrets, Rush pursues the brave, funny woman inside all that careful perfection. But the truths they uncover put everything on the line--life, death and true love. And they'll only get one shot at all of it.

Making the Grade: B

For My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one!

I was on page 36 and totally in love with the sexual chemistry and sarcastic banter between Goose and Rush. Sure they’d just met, he was a suspect she was investigating, and she sure didn’t like the way he was making her feel...all hot and bothered under the collar. And she may not have been 100% professional or acting appropriately when she coped a feel but I loved it. And I loved even more that Rush shut her down and his reasons why. Most men think and act with the little head but there would be no rushing into any situations for this man named Rush. He’s got the patience of Job. He’s an ex-Navy SEAL sniper - he’s used to waiting for what he wants. And above all else he wants honesty from Goose and won’t accept anything less. Rush goes to great lengths to expose the “real” Maria di Guzman with the curly, unruly hair and imperfections because Goose with the poker straight perfect hair and the plastic, fake personality she displays to the world - is not the woman he wants.

Actually the more involved I got in Money Shot it became evident that Rush and Goose were complicated, baggage-carrying, scarred characters. They were actually much more similar than they realized. Both were working out issues from their past including why Rush left his job as a high-ranking sniper for the SEALS and the immense guilt Goose feels over the death of her twin sister when they were teen-agers. Emotional, soul searching stuff.

Add in some woo hoo witchy-poo black magic led by tea-shop owner Aunt Lila, paganpaloosa, a surly, smart-aleck, rebellious 16 year old teenager Yarrow and the charming, looking-out-for-#1 cousin Einar and there’s lots going on in Money Shot.

Ohh and I mustn’t forget to mention Sir Humpsalot - he's a randy moose on the loose dontcha know.

I don’t think it will surprise anyone who’s passing the Korean super notes in Money’s a small, marginally inhabited island - the prospects are few. For me Money Shot was all about Goose and Rush and their developing relationship and personal growth.

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