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JuneTBR Challenge Review: Explosive

Title: Explosive
Genre: Erotic/Suspense
Author: Beth Kery
Pub: Dec 7, 2010 Berkley HEAT

Dr. Sophie Gable didn't expect her peaceful getaway to be shattered by the arrival of the half-dazed, dead-sexy Thomas Nicasio, an ex-Navy explosives specialist. Even though he's traumatized, Thomas can't resist the urge to overtake Sophie-and her willing submission makes him want her all the more. But danger is lurking close by, and if he can't face the demons of his past, he and Sophie could be the next victims in a pattern of meaningless violence.

Making the Grade: B

For My Thoughts

One thing that really struck me about Explosive was how aptly named this book was because everything about it was...Explosive.

Thomas Nicasio was an explosives expert in the Navy, there’s a big explosion in the storyline and Thomas and Sophie’s relationship exploded off the pages...again and again, lots of times...they both experienced multiple...errr explosions. Getting the picture? This book was explosively good.

Dr. Sophie Gable is so looking forward to a month of rest and relaxation at her secluded lake house. Nothing to do but decompress, swim, read and relax. AHHHHH sounds like heaven! So nothing could prepare her for the shock of finding an acquaintance from work Thomas Nicasio on her dock the first night of her vacation. What?

Sophie and Thomas know each other in a “Hi. How you doing” polite greeting kind of way since they both worked in the same office building and the are “aware” of each other. Sophie knows immediately that Thomas is out of sorts and is acting very strange indeed but she doesn‘t want to make a wrong move or push too hard. So she's pretty surprised by what happens next since it’s so totally out of character for her when they fall into bed together and have mind-blowing sex. And I guess it really did blow Thomas’ mind since he can’t remember it the next day. That’s got to be a little hard on a girl’s ego?

Sophie’s right. Thomas isn’t acting normal. In fact he’s suffering from traumatic amnesia after several events in a row have sent him over the deep end - the death of his adopted brother and nephew, his adopted father is being accused of being a mob boss - something Thomas absolutely refuses to believe and it’s all just too much. He’s a mess the night he shows up at Sophie’s lake house but one thing’s for sure - he’s got a powerful, inexplicable sexual hunger for Dr Sophie Gable - Explosive!

It almost seemed like Sophie was Thomas’ lifeline, his only salvation to keep whatever memories he was repressing so he didn't completely splinter apart. He was like a live wire, on edge, ready to crack at any moment. Sex with Sophie seemed to be the only way to keep him marginally sane. So they have lots and lots of sex. Ms. Kery knows how to write steamy, erotic romance, explosive sexual encounters, but even I may have thought there was too much focus on the sex. The story was good enough and Sophie was a professional woman, I felt she was above just being used by Thomas for sex for whatever was wrong with him especially when their actions took a turn that I felt was totally out of character for Sophie.

I don’t think there was any mystery where this story was headed, but I was hooked wondering what would happen when Thomas regained his memory and how he would deal with the fallout and what it would mean for his and Sophie’s relationship.

The suspense story in Explosive was actually pretty interesting and when Thomas finally does regain his memories - well it was explosive!

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