Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cut Me Some Slack

If you’re a reader, then like me you have a list of auto-buy Authors. Authors whose books you would buy no matter what. Whether you enjoy historical, contemporary, romantic suspense or paranormal if you’re like me when you find out about the newest release from one of your favorite authors, see the new cover, read the cover blur you get all giddy and happy inside and maybe even let out a little squeeeeee. As a fan girl I would probably read a book written by one of my auto-buy authors - even if it was the phonebook or the periodic table.

Anticipation can be euphoric but sometimes reality misses the mark. Let’s face it not every book written by an author can hit it out of the park. Maybe something in the story tested believability, didn’t make 100% sense and all the facts didn‘t add up, the heroine had a TSTL moment or two and the hero was a complete a$$hole a time or two. Let's face it...they're men, but they usually come around.

What happens when you finally crack the spine on your eagerly anticipated book (or in this digital age - open the latest release on your e-reader) only to discover that it’s not all that and a bag of chips?

Personally I think I am more lenient and more forgiving in my review for one of my favourite author’s books as long as the book isn’t a total miscue. Since they are my favorite authors for a reason, chances are they aren’t going to write a complete dud but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best thing since sliced bread either.

So here’s my question: Do you cut your favorite author any slack when reviewing their book if it didn’t quite live up to your expectations?


Leslie said...

I definitely cut a favorite author some slack. I still say what I thought of the book in the review but I won't stop reading them because of one bad book. It's because we have a history with that author and a so-so book now & then won't stop me from reading them.

Julie said...

Since I rate according to whether or not I would re-read a book, I guess that means authors who write my favorite series will get cut some a certain extent. There are some series that I KNOW I will read again so the lowest I will go with those books is a 3.5. But that don't mean I won't mention in my review that I was disappointed. I think I expect more from my favorite authors too. I know what they are capable of so to read something that is makes me slouch.