Thursday, April 1, 2010

Workout Wednesday - Exercising My Mind and Body

I know, I know it's Thursday, so why is my blog post entitled Workout Wednesday? Well I was thinking about a weekly feature I wanted to start on my blog and I only just thought of this today. Since I couldn't come up with a catchy title for Thursday, I settled on Workout Wednesday and will post on Wednesday's in the future.

So a couple of weeks ago I blogged about playing tennis for the 1st time in about 5 months and how with summer coming, I better get my bertha big butt in gear and get back to the gym if I didn't want to embarrass myself once tennis season started in earnest.

Anyone who goes to the gym regularly can tell you that working out on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike can be verra verra boring. So what's a gal to do? I decided to combine my love of reading with the agony of working out and challenge myself.

The Goal:
Every week I am going to pick a book that I will read strictly at the gym while riding the stationary bike. I will record the time, how many miles I ride, number of calories burned and number of pages read.

The Rules:
The book can only be read at the gym. No cheating no matter how good the book is. If I want to finish it, I will be motivated to get my bountiful butt back to the gym.

Every Wednesday I will post the totals and hopefully a review of the book and whether it was gym worthy material.

This week's book is Delicious by Shayla Black. I already started this book yesterday so here are my totals as of today.

Total number of pages 353
April 1 from page 79 to 143
Ride Time 47 mins
Miles Peddled 16.92
Calories burned 327

Happy Peddling and Happy Reading to me!


Cecile said...

Well I wish you all the luck in the world and I will be checking up to see how you are doing! Might motivate my butt!
Happy Peddling to you!

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Thanks Cecile!
I figure if I'm going to be sitting on my ass reading anyway I may as well be burning a few extra cals while I'm peddling. Unfortunately it's not enough of a workout by itself, so I still have to torture myself on the eliptical as well. But every little bit helps!