Monday, April 12, 2010

Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun..or Not

Ever since I discovered the Book Depository last year for ordering books at great prices and free shipping worldwide, I have been obsessed with checking the website and ordering books non-stop. I seriously order more books than I could ever read in a month let alone a week.

And every day when I come home to find a little white envelope in my mailbox signifying the delivery of a new book, I get all tingly with excitement (I know folks - it doesn't take much).

So when two arrive on the same day it's like Christmas and my birthday all in one. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Or not...when both are the same book! WTH? Obviously I got a little carried away with my ordering and maybe I should pay better attention to what I am doing?

So I guess one of my family members is getting a copy of Dark Deceptions for their next birthday whether they want it or not.

In honor of my stupidity I present:

The Dunce Cap Of The Week Award

And the lucky winner is...........

me of course!

If you feel you are worthy of winning this coveted award, let me know and maybe you to can be an award winner!


ms bookjunkie said...

We're obviously twins, separated at birth, or soul mates or some such…

I'm totally with you on the Book Depo experience! I love checking the mailbox these days, that tingle of anticipation just can't be beat. Actually, checking the mail is *better* than Christmas or my birthday, considering the lameass gifts I get…

Anyway, here's what I do:

Instead of having my wishlist dump the books as I order them (you can check or uncheck that box as preferred), I mark those books as "ordered" in the YOUR NOTES box with the date purchased and price payed. Then I tag them as "ordered" and even "pre-ordered" and only purge them from my wishlist as they arrive in the mail. Anal? Maybe. Effective? Definitely! Also, simple and easy.

Also if you go to ORDER HISTORY in YOUR ACCOUNT you'll find info on all your orders, open and previous.

You won't tell my mom, will you? that I pre-ordered four books today for the price I would pay for two books at local bookstores… after tedious special ordering and weeks and weeks and WEEKS of waiting! I love the Book Depo!

Oh, and I totally deserve a turn wearing the dunce cap. Did I not order the latest book in a series I collect in the UK edition when I have all the other books in the US edition?! *facepalm* Size matters, and there is a definite difference in size between US and UK paperbacks…

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

OMG! We are twins!

I've just recently learned about the order history and open orders pages on my wishlist @ BD. I've now taken to printing out my orders and marking them off when I receive books.

I did also did not realize that some of the books I ordered were the UK version - until they arrived(I've done it twice now).

And mums the word...I will tell no one of your uncontrollable orders habits from BD..your secret is safe with me!