Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enhancing the Blog - A Two Day Visit to Blog Hell!

It's day five of my foray into the unknown world of being a blogger. When I decided to start this blog I didn't know what I was doing and over the last two of days, I've discovered I know even less.

Last Friday with my basic little blog template and a few added widgets (after I figured out what they were) I was pretty proud of myself. I had myself a blog.

So last night for whatever reason I decided to become adventurous (or I was possessed and delusional) and "enhance" my little blog. I went looking for a new template to load - I wanted a 3 column one (like I would know the difference) with fonts and pretty colours I could pick and choose and change. I found a free template to download and I spent all night (I'm talking like hours and hours) playing around; adding pictures, adding new widgets; adding text and it was looking mighty fine there for about one hour. Then the bottom dropped out. At some point I couldn't make any more changes, I couldn't even load the blogger website..it was like my computer had just taken the link and pouf - made it disappear.

Luckily I can access my work's website from home, so I logged on to see if I could find my blog on the internet through my work access and attempt to resurrect it, after all it was time to get.......Back to Basics.

Thank God I could finally access my f*%...ahh blog and I quickly got busy deleting fonts and colours and the widgets and gidgets and gadgets I'd spent hours copying and perfecting hoping against hope I could restore my blog to it's former simplistic glory.

At midnight I gave up. My blog was visible, but I could not access it from my home internet access.

Tonight after work I spent hours and hours again on this blog and voila here is the end result - my new and improved blog!


I am sure this is how my poor computer was feeling last night. I know I was feeling like my head was spinning!


Leontine said...

Oh I've been there too and the frustration was hell when things didn't go as i thought they would. I wish I would've had HTML wisdom in the tip of my fingers the minute I made my blog, the hours upon hours it took to make it work I could've spend reading.

Yours looks good and the longer you blog, the better you get at it. At least that is my experience. Enjoy blogging and welcome to bloglandie :)

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Exactly! I gave up alot of good reading time working the bugs out of this blog, but I am happy with the results. Just a few things I want to tweak yet. Thanks so much for visiting!

Leontine said...

Your welcome Judi! I always enjoy meeting with new book lovers around blogoverse :) And I just wanted to mention your following one of my test blogs *blush* I dabble a bit in HTML template and forgot to put that one in hide mode *headdesk* My own book blog it Leontine's Book Realm :)

Aren't you glad it's friday...that means weekend and means more reading time *grin*

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Well it looks good..you do your own programming WOW! I thought it was a sister blog of yours. I think I signed up to follow you as well, but I will double check! Just a question if you have time. If I post a message on someone's blog, do I have to do something so I know if they post a response to my post?
TGIF! Have a great weekend.

Leontine said...

Hi Judi, if you want to follow a blogpost and it's comment you can check the - Email follow-up comments to - box. It is in the window when you post a comment, that way you get an e-mail notification whenever someone leaves a reply.

ROOB is a blog that I'm part of but the one you're following is my test blog, to dabble with colors, lay-out and stuff. There isn't going to be any active posting on :)

And I've got no clue if you're following Leontine's Book Realm *blush* I'm such a visual-minded person. I often recognize peeps by their avatar, I'm such a shallow hal that way *wink*

Have a great weekend too, tomorrow it will be construction day in the house for revamping guestroom and adding floor to ceiling bookcases to it YAY Sunday it will be me, couch and a good book :) Talk to you soon Judi and if you have questions, feel free to ask!