Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 - Well Done!

As I sit watching the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter games I can't help but feel truly proud to be Canadian today.

This was the most successful games ever for Canada in terms of winning medals; including winning the most Gold metals for a winter games and winning the most Gold medals ever by a host country.

It was truly inspirational watching Alex Bilodeau win the 1st Gold medal ever for a Canadian athlete on Canadian soil; I cried during both performances by figure skater Joannie Rochette, who just days after losing her mother to a heart attack turned in a truly magnificent skate to win a bronze medal and finally today I yelled and screamed at the TV during the crazy tension-filled Gold Medal Men's Hockey game which thankfully Canada won in Overtime.

These Olympics truly showed the world, the beauty of Canada and the Olympic spirit was felt from coast to coast across this great nation of Canada. We were united as one for the past two weeks as we cheered our triumphs, cried over our heartaches and even mourned the tragic death of a Georgian Luge athlete before the games could even begin.

And to all the athletes of the world, you should be proud for all your hard work and dedication over not just the past four years, but your lifetime!

Well done Canada!

Until we meet again in 4 years at the next winter Olympics!


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I loved the Olympics-I think that Canada should be proud of its hosting job. Congrats on starting your own blog! :) I've only been reviewing books on here since May, but everyone in the book reviewing community is really nice & helpful. :)

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Thanks for visiting! I am not sure where this blog will lead, but I am having alot of fun, even if it's just for my own personal use and memories.

mandy said...

Great blog Book Pimp...keep them coming

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Congrats on all the gold medals :) I watched the ice hockey match on Sunday, it was thrilling!

Didn't your blog look different the last time I was here?