Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 Plus Stars! Something About You is a Humorous, Sexy, Fun-filled Read

How do I love thee "Something About You"? Let me count the ways.

Things I loved: Everything with a Capital E
A smart, sexy heroine, who gives as good as she gets
A sexy, hot "glowering" hunk of an FBI agent
Quick, witty, sarcastic banter that had me smiling and laughing out loud
Wonderful relationships
A suspense plot reminiscent of today's headlines (think John Edwards and Andrew Young).

Things I disliked: Nothing

I know, I know.. Details, Details.

Home renovations have forced U.S. Assistant DA Cameron Lynde to spend the night at the very expensive and upscale Peninsula Hotel. Thinking she's treating herself to a night of pampering and relaxation (after all she could have chosen a cheaper hotel); instead she's forced to endure the rambunctious goings-on in the room next door. And it goes on and on and on all night long.

Finally Cameron has had enough and calls the front desk to complain about her noisy neighbors and while waiting for management to arrive, she hears the doors of the room next door open and close and peeks through the peephole and spies a suspicious, hooded character leaving via the stairwell.

All is not as innocent as it seems in the room next door when a women's dead body is discovered. Cameron now finds herself the prime witness and potentially the last person to see the killer as he was leaving the room.

Enter FBI agent Jack Pallas; a strong, sexy, drop dead gorgeous hunk with a "glowering" disposition. He's recently returned to the Chicago branch of the FBI and along with his partner Wilkins has been called upon to investigate the murder.

Clash of the Titans comes to mind when Jack and Cameron first see each other. Neither is pleased to see the other one again. Turns out they have a past. She's the reason he's spent the last 3 years in Nebraska. She refused to prosecute a case that Jack had spent 2 years working on and as a result he called her some not so nice names on camera that made headlines nationwide. Jack's remarks "I think the assistant U.S. Attorney has her head up her ass, that's what I think. They should've assigned the case to someone with some fucking balls." almost cost him his career, but instead got his ass booted to the wilds of Nebraska.

Now that Jack is back and the lead investigator on the case and Cameron is the lone material witness to the murder, they are forced to work together whether they like it or not once Cameron is put in protective custody.

The plot is fast paced and full of action including corruption and a high level political conspiracy. Although the suspense subplot plays a major role in the novel to advance the story, the reader knows from the get-go who the bad guy is so there is no mystery as to his identity or why he is out to silence Cameron.

The relationships in the book are outstanding. Jack and Cameron's relationship builds slowly, but their interaction is ohh sooo full of sexual tension and chemistry through the roof. Cameron and her BFF's, Amy who's in the process of getting married and gay sports writer Colin are again written in a witty, fun-filled manner. And Jack and his partner Wilkins sarcastic, hilarious dialogue kept me smiling all the way through especially when they played out the "good cop" "bad cop" scenario (guess who played bad cop?). Wilkins had a way of getting under Jack's skin, in a good, funny way.

Lastly a few final thoughts. I loved that Jack loved to read and had a great home library; loved that he crept into her bedroom and slept against the wall to protect her during the night and that he truly was a gentleman and took his job protecting Cameron seriously; and one last funny one for me was when Cameron was embarrassed about old episodes of the The Bachelor on her DVR and felt she needed to delete them when she found out she was having in-house protection (that made me laugh out loud as I know from Twitter Ms. James herself watches The Bachelor).

You will not be disappointed if you decide to read Something About You. It is a fantastic contemporary read!


Wylie Kinson said...

Looks good, Judi. I'll look out for it when I'm at the bookstore.

ParaJunkee said...

This sounds great. I want to jump out of my genre restrictions and read it! Ack. Great review hun, was highly entertained.

Reena Jacobs said...

Okay. I'm bad. I won this book a while ago and have not read it. HOWEVER! I didn't neglect it completely. I loaned it to my mother and she loved it! If I can ever pry it out of her tight grasp, I might get a chance to read it myself. :)

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Reena you should definitely read Something About You. Trust your mom - she knows good reading! Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting.