Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Can Run, but You Can't Hide

Anywhere She Runs by Debra Webb has mystery, suspense, crazy family dynamics...ohhhh and some hot cop action. So this week the police badge gets to take the bike out for a little spin.

I Can't Run, but I Can Ride Results
♥♥♥ 1/2
Pages read 346
Riding Time 3hours 50minutes
Calories Burned 1,541
Distance Peddled 69.69 miles

For My Thoughts

Adeline Cooper's got a day off work, a hot and willing body warming the bed sheets and sex on the agenda until her plans are rudely interrupted by the Fed-Ex delivery man...and he's not delivering a book. But he does have a package for Adeline with a newspaper clipping of a missing district attorney, a candid Polaroid of the same missing woman and a cryptic note enclosed about "One dead Princess, two more to go". It's not what this Huntsville Alabama Police Detective needs or wants 2 days before Christmas. Even more annoying and stranger yet is that it's the second letter she's received in the last couple of days referencing Princesses. Someone is obviously trying to tell her something and in this book one thing is for definitely don't want to be a Princess. It has deadly consequences.

That's the opening hook in Anywhere She Runs and it's just the beginning.

Adeline Cooper is a hard as nails, straight shooting, no nonsense cop who can (or should) never go home to Pascagoula, Mississippi if she values her live. Nine years prior she left her hometown...well technically she was run of out town by her powerful Uncle Cyrus Cooper who threatened to kill her if she didn't leave after a case she was working as a brand new cop ended in results that royally pissed her Uncle off. Nice! With family like this who needs enemies? Well as it turns out - Adeline has a least one more enemy and he's determined to draw her into his twisted plot and to figure out her connection to the case, she's going to have to head home.

Waiting to assist Adeline in the investigation is non other than the love of her life, ex-lover and current Sheriff, Wyatt Henderson. When Adeline was run out of town nearly a decade earlier, Wyatt was just a green cop like herself and she is stunned to find out that the man she loved, but never forgave for what she perceived as betraying her is now the Sheriff. When another woman goes missing and another cryptic letter is delivered, Wyatt and Adeline must put aside their differences and race against the clock and to solve the puzzle before Adeline becomes the 3rd and final victim of a crazed mad man.

Anywhere She Runs is chock full of suspense, intrigue and questions - many many questions requiring answers that will keep you turning the pages. Like what exactly happened that caused Uncle Cyrus to threaten Adeline with her own death if she didn't leave town? What caused the riff between Wyatt and Adeline? What secrets is Irene Cooper (Adeline's mom) hiding from her daughter and what does she know about the missing women? Who wants to kill all the Princesses?

If you are like me, then you have to keep reading to get those answers, you have no choice. Anywhere She Runs was a great mystery with twists and turns and a clever plot that kept me engaged until the resounding end.

Back Cover Blurb

The first note is a warning—a bone-chilling reminder that Alabama Police Detective Adeline Cooper can run from her darkest, deadliest memories, but she can never escape a demented killer’s wrath. The second note is a threat…

The first victim disappeared near Adeline’s hometown in Mississippi—and she won’t be the last. Believing she is the killer’s ultimate target, Adeline decides to go back to work side-by-side with a sheriff she once loved…Now she will meet face-to-face the criminals she brought down—and fight the obsessed killer who craves her death…

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