Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Workout Wednesday: It's the Nun of Napa vs The Hollywood Hottie...Something's Bound to Get Crushed Besides...Grapes!

Crushin' It Results
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Pages read 277
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The Baci sisters are on a mission to save the winery that's been in their family for generations-by transforming it into the perfect wedding destination. If only Alessandra Baci-affectionately known as the "Nun of Napa" didn't need the help of tempting neighbor and business rival Penn Bennett.

For My Thoughts

Crush on You is the first book in a new trilogy by Christie Ridgway set in Napa Valley wine country. I loved her previous series about knitting so it wasn't a stretch that this book (and the series) would be equally enjoyable and entertaining.

Alessandra Baci's grand plan to restore the Baci wedding cottage to it’s former glory and rent it out for wedding ceremonies, seems like just the ticket to bring in extra revenue and save Tanti Baci from certain bankruptcy. But her plan hits an unexpected roadblock when the contractor she hires to do the work bails on her at the last minute for a better paying job.

How convenient is it then, that Penn Bennett, TV personality, Hollywood Hottie and star of his own wildly successful home renovation show Build Me Up is home visiting his half brothers Liam and Seth Bennett, who also just happen to own their own winery and are the Baci sisters biggest rivals.

From the moment Penn spies Alessandra complete in her wedding dress (and pajamas), rubber soles of her flip-flops slapping against the heels of her feet, flying across the yard towards him, he can't help but be captivated by the youngest Baci sister. And after a few fake tears (yes he knows they're fake and calls her on it), no one is more surprised than Penn himself when he offers up his handyman services in order to get the renovations done on time.

Alessandra may not like the Bennett's (but does Penn really count since he's the newly discovered bastard son?), but she knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth - or in this case a Bennett and so she accepts his helping hand. A hand attached to the end of a very infuriating, exceedingly hot Bennett that makes her girl parts tingle.

Neither Penn nor Alessandra is looking for a long term relationship. After all she's not called the Nun of Napa for no reason after her own wedding day ended tragically five years earlier when her fiancé didn't make it to his own "Big Day". And Penn is only home for a short time and has no intention of giving up his bachelor ways in LA. Yet neither can deny that they definitely throw off the sparks whenever they are around each other. Makes for some fun and muy caliente reading!

No review would be complete without mentioning Gil. It's always an unexpected pleasure when the secondary characters in a book are almost as interesting as the main ones. I fell just a little bit in love with him and his storyline is what made Crush on You more than worth reading for me. Gil is Alessandra's cousin, but also more importantly the best friend and "Maid of Honor" for Clare who's own impending nuptials are scheduled to be the first at the Baci Wedding Cottage. Mmmmm wonder how that turned out? Gil and Clare's story deserves its own book! Maybe a prequel?

Crush on You will certainly make you laugh, may even make you tear up and it's the perfect summer read for a lazy day at home or the beach.

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