Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Flash Point


Making the Grade: B-

For My Thoughts

After reading the first two books in this series I was eager to see how Shelli Stevens was going to pull off a story with the sweet, innocent cupcake making queen Katie and the local town hottie, bad boy firefighter Todd Wyatt.

Kate’s had a major crush on the youngest Wyatt for a number of years and while she isn’t exactly the type to sleep around (ummm try like never), that’s all Todd does...plays musical beds like it’s an Olympic sport. Not exactly something to be proud of, yet it’s Todd’s claim to fame in Wyattville.

I’m generally not a fan of the girl whose been hiding her feelings for the boy for years stories. I like the girl to at least play a little hard to get and make him work for it. I was hoping I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Todd’s like a fixture at Kate’s little shop, hanging around trying to mooch free chocolate cupcakes and a refill of coffee but he’s never really noticed Kate as a sexual being. That is until he sees another man taking an interest in her and Kate shows him a different side when he crashes a bridal shower for Ellie (from book 1 Going Down and my favorite book of the series).

Kate is darn tired of her virginity hanging over her head and she’s determined to lose it to I’m not boyfriend material, if there was an Olympic Gold Metal in meaningless boning it would go to none other that Todd Wyatt.

Ohhh Katie - is this such a good idea?

Kate with Ellie’s prodding devises a plan to force Todd’s hand...errr or another manly appendage.

The New Year’s Eve costume party complete with Todd in a Tarzan costume...briefs and a loincloth had me LOLing. I mean really - just take a moment and picture it. Ripped body, little briefs and a loincloth covering the package. Only Todd would be confident enough to pull that outfit off.

Kate’s skimpy, sexy little Red Riding Hood outfit had Tarzan beating on his...chest and ahhhhhhh ahahaahhhhh (insert the real Tarzan yell here) and well you get the picture.

All is not smooth sailing between Todd and Kate - especially once he finds out about her “secret”. He’s madder than a wet hen but after thinking it over, decides to tutor Kate so she can benefit from his vast experience of pleasing the ladies.

To add to the drama, throw in someone in town threatening Kate and her livelihood and as an added bonus she gets to live out every girl’s fantasy of being rescued by a sexy firefighter.

Kiss Me Kate! I was waiting the entire story for Todd to utter those famous words to Kate. Did he or didn’t he? I’m not telling.

Overall I enjoyed Kate and Todd’s story and Flash Point was a good solid read.

From The Author's Website
Holding Out for a Hero, Book 3

One taste of her lips, and friendship is off the menu

Kate has always been everybody’s friend and the de-facto little sister to the Wyatt brothers. But her feelings for Todd Wyatt, the town’s hottest firefighter, run far beyond the sibling variety. Not that he’s ever noticed.

After years of nursing her crush, Kate decides it’s time to take action. Except she has one awkward little secret: she’s still a virgin. She hopes she can seduce Todd without him realizing just how inexperienced she is.

In Todd’s mind, Kate’s the sweet girl he teases and hits up for free cupcakes. One surprise kiss over the summer, though, and suddenly she’s jumped from the platonic side of his brain to the want-her-in-my-bed side. Even though the last thing he wants is to lose her friendship, his resistance to her determined seduction is slipping. Fast.

When malicious attacks on her bakery escalate, it soon becomes clear that for all Kate’s friends, she’s made at least one big enemy. And if they don’t figure it out soon, things could take a deadly turn.

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