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Review: Going Down

Making the Grade: B

For My Thoughts

I always like the premise when someone, whether it’s the H/h is trying to hide their true identity for whatever reason. In Going Down by Shelli Stevens, Ellie/Eleanor Owens is afraid for her life, doesn’t know who she can trust and she certainly doesn’t trust the law. You know it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and it’s always great to see how the story plays out.

Yoga instructor Ellie is a grand jury witness supposed to testify against her ex-boyfriend for his drug trafficking crimes. She's down with the plan until she gets threatened by one of Chicago’s "finest" boys in blue and then she heads for the hills - or Wyattville Oregon. Where better to hide out and lay low than in Hicksville until the trial is over. It’s a great plan til the Po-po in the form of Travis Wyatt comes a calling - even if it is just an innocent, friendly visit. First rule of thumb when hiding out...NEVER run from the Police - it instantly makes you look guilty and raises their suspicions.

Travis and Ellie spark as hot as firecrackers together right from the start. Yes Ellie is running away and Travis is in pursuit, but he does manage to stop her from going ass over tea kettle off the side of a cliff. She isn’t getting away from him that easy!

Wyattville is a small town and if there was a prince, then it would be Travis and his family is the closest thing to royalty Wyattville has. And the studly quotient is pretty high too. Besides Travis, he has two equally hot and gorgeous brothers Todd and Trevor.

The relationship between Travis and Ellie escalates very quickly and it’s only a few days before they are declaring their lust...errr love for one another. They certainly had lots of chemistry and since this is a relatively shorter story - things move at a fast pace. I guess it’s easier to forget your mistrust of the police...especially when he’s got his hand down your pants.

When the inevitable happens and Travis discovers Ellie’s true identity, he proves to Ellie that he is trustworthy and actually goes above and beyond to stand by his woman.

Vanilla to Red Velvet in under 10 seconds baby! Eating cupcakes has never been as erotic as eating the ones from Katie’s Cakes - I will never be able to look at a cupcake the same way again...Yum.

I will definitely be checking out the stories of playful fire-fighter Todd and the darker side of Trevor and their lady loves.

From Goodreads:
Holding Out for a Hero, Book 1

Eleanor Owen needs to get out of Chicago and quick. It’s not that she doesn’t want to obey the subpoena to testify against her drug-trafficking ex-boyfriend. It’s making it to the witness stand alive, should a dirty cop make good on his threats.

Tiny, remote Wyattsville, Oregon looks like the perfect place to disappear, but it’s hard to blend into the woodwork when one of the town’s infamous namesakes sends her heart racing. Worse, Mr. Tall, Hot and Packing is the town sheriff, which means she should stay as far away from him as possible.

Tyson Wyatt is positive the sexy new girl in town is hiding something. Question is, what? He vows to feel out her secrets—including what she feels like beneath him. Preferably naked. Until then, he’s not buying the story she’s selling.

Their chemistry is sheet-melting hot, and Ellie realizes much too late that the man with the badge is as dangerous to her heart as her ex is to her life…

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