Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Workout Wednesday: Impulsive - Hooking Up Hawaii Style

I'd like an Impulsive hook-up in Hawaii
instead of doing this read-n-ride challenge

Pages read 245
Riding Time 3hours 1minutes
Calories Burned 1252
Distance Peddled 61.38 miles

Making the Grade: B

For My Thougts

I have been a big fan of HelenKay Dimon ever since I read my 1st book by her - Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy. And with this review she becomes my 1st three-peat offender on the blog. I love her sexy, contemporary stories, great characters and the Hawaii setting provides a great way for me to escape and imagine I'm chillaxing on the beach enjoying a great book.

HelenKay Dimon gives new meaning to “smoking in the boys bathroom" in her latest novel Impulsive and she wastes nooooo time getting right to the action…like page 1.

Katie Long had a simple job to do at the wedding of Deana Armstrong & Josh Windsor (Holding out for a Hero)…well besides helping her sister cater the wedding of the century. Keep her eye on the prize that is Eric Kimura, ex-hubby of the blushing bride and report back on his activities. Sounds like a simple enough task to make a little extra cash on the side except Katie didn’t count on the physical chemistry that ignited between her and the hunky Deputy Prosecutor. Hot sex in the bathroom had definitely not been in the job description.

Eric Kimura was going to put all the rumors to rest once and for all and show everyone that he was well and truly over his ex-wife Deanne. What better way to prove it than by attending her wedding to her DEA agent hubby. The last thing he expected was the hot quickie in the bathroom with one of the catering staff.

On the surface Katie and Eric are not what I would consider a match made in heaven. First of all Katie is much younger, by like 12 years than Eric. She’s barely out of her wild child years, had a brush with the law, has always been considered a screw-up by her sister and is just starting to get her life on track. Eric on the other hand is older, more mature, established in his successful career and has decided to run for the position of Prosecuting Attorney.

Considering that Eric was running for a public and high ranking position, I found the quickness with which these two engaged in hot anonymous sex a little foolhardy. In Eric's position he should have realized that his life was about to be dissected, bisected and probed while his every move was examined under a microscope. Hooking up with the hired help could have derailed his political ambitions before they even got off the ground. Having said that one only has to scan past and current headlines regarding political figures and their penchant for inappropriate sexual encounters to know that - men are men - they aren’t always thinking with the big “head”.

Katie didn’t think that when she agreed to play I Spy on Eric that she would ever see him again but he had different ideas. As her feelings grow and their relationship blossoms, Katie knows she needs to come clean about her part in their supposed first “meeting” before it blows up in her face. Someone inside Eric’s camp however has other plans for Katie “aka their inside source” and isn’t about to let her quit without a fight or take her down in the process.

When he truth comes out, who will Eric believe? Can he get over Katie’s betrayal and the betrayal of someone close to him? Do these two have more between them then hot sex to sustain their relationship? All these questions and more, plus a great story can be answered...don’t this book now!


Becky said...

Maybe I should take this one along for my Christmas vacation at my mom's place in Hawaii? :) It looks like a good escape read!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

This sounds cute! I've never heard of this author before-I'm off to check out her books.

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Becky: For sure take it to Hawaii to read - no place better. Great beach reading material!

Colette: It's a comtemporary romance - not your favorite, so not surprised you've never heard of her. If you couldn't finish Simply Irresistible -I doubt you would like this one