Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 - Well Done!

As I sit watching the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter games I can't help but feel truly proud to be Canadian today.

This was the most successful games ever for Canada in terms of winning medals; including winning the most Gold metals for a winter games and winning the most Gold medals ever by a host country.

It was truly inspirational watching Alex Bilodeau win the 1st Gold medal ever for a Canadian athlete on Canadian soil; I cried during both performances by figure skater Joannie Rochette, who just days after losing her mother to a heart attack turned in a truly magnificent skate to win a bronze medal and finally today I yelled and screamed at the TV during the crazy tension-filled Gold Medal Men's Hockey game which thankfully Canada won in Overtime.

These Olympics truly showed the world, the beauty of Canada and the Olympic spirit was felt from coast to coast across this great nation of Canada. We were united as one for the past two weeks as we cheered our triumphs, cried over our heartaches and even mourned the tragic death of a Georgian Luge athlete before the games could even begin.

And to all the athletes of the world, you should be proud for all your hard work and dedication over not just the past four years, but your lifetime!

Well done Canada!

Until we meet again in 4 years at the next winter Olympics!

Friday, February 26, 2010

A day off - but not in paradise.

As a resident of Southwestern Ontario you get used to snow in the winter. So when you go almost the whole winter with no snow, you become complacent and spoiled. Why does Mother Nature wait until almost the end of February to deliver a wintery blast of the white stuff, when winter should be ending as spring is just around the corner? Because she's a fickle bitch and she can!

I had today off from work and it's been planned for awhile, but either my BFF Carm forgot or I didn't remember to remind her that I wasn't coming into work today. Being the good friend she is, she called me at 6:15am this morning and woke me up to advise me the roads were bad and to be careful driving in....ummmmm thanks, but I'm not coming into work today. I've got a PPD.

So I had lots of big plans today. Cook, clean, organize, read, get caught up on shows on the PVR, watch the Olympics..boy was I delusional!

What did I do you ask? Well I worked on this blog - a lot! I bought a ticket for the $50 million Lotto Max draw and I did watch some of the Olympics and write one book review(did I mention I like to read?).

I do consider myself to enjoy a wide variety of reading genres. I do have my favorites with my #1 favorite being romantic suspense, closely followed by contemporary and then mystery/thriller. I do enjoy the occasional paranormal romance and have my favorite authors who write that genre. I would purchase their books even if they wrote a cookbook (not really I'm just fooling with you).

I must admit I recently read 2 Harlequin Super Romances and found them both to be exceptionally enjoyable reads. Nothing too deep or heavy and little to no sex or funny business, which was good for a change. I would really recommend both of them.

So day one of my three day weekend is nearing an end and hopefully tomorrow I'll get started on that "to-do" list (but don't hold your breath).

Here's my lastest review of Carolyn McSparren's Bachelor Cop.
I'm not sure why I decided to start a blog, but why not?

Why The Book Pimp you ask?

Well for anyone who knows me (and those of you who don't and are just learning about me), then you know I love books. I love everything about books from buying to reading books, to talking and loaning my favorite books to friends and relatives.

So mostly I'll be talking about books, what I'm reading and looking forward to reading.

Since I'm also a big TVaddict from comedy, drama and reality (really just about anything), I'll be commenting on my favorite shows from time to time.

And expect some tennis news and updates as I also enjoy watching and playing tennis.

Happy blogging to me!