Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sunday *Sigh*: Just "Hanging" Around

At work I am required to wear a head-set. It’s supposed to be ergonomically friendly, no more trying to hold the phone receiver between your head and shoulder while trying to type; no more ringing phones, just a annoying cute beep in your ear alerting you to the next caller. I hate it!

As my luck would have it, seems people can never hear me and I end up yelling into the mouthpiece while my co-workers constantly tell me I’m loud and yelling. Mmmmmm seems like I can’t win.

Then there’s the cord. Always getting twisted and wound up. Basically I think of it as a leash that keeps me tethered to my desk. The range I am allowed to manoeuvre in my workspace is limited - maybe 2 or 3 feet at the most if the cord is stretched to the limit.

I’m not sure what I was reaching for or where I thought I was going Friday (if you’ve ever read any of my Sunday *Sigh* posts before you know my mind has a tendency to wander…often) but I stupidly went outside the comfort zone and almost ended up strangling myself on the dumb cord of my phone “leash”.

Note to self: Take off the headset before you decide to go for a walk-about. Makes self strangulation less possible.

My co-workers had a good chuckle at my expense….ya like that hasn’t happened before.

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Julie said...

LOL My husband used to wear one at work too. He'd come home cursing the stupid thing. When he got promoted, I asked him what the best part of his new job was. Was it better hours, more vacation?... Nope. He said "finally getting off the phones and out of that damn headset." lmao!