Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Sunday *Sigh*: Wakey, Wakey!

Ahhhhh everyone looks forward to a well deserved day off work - that‘s what Friday was for me. Whether you call it a vacation day, a personal day, an unexpected sick day the results are the commuting or traffic, no phone calls beeping in my ear, no Dilbert cubicle, no emails, no emergencies, no catastrophes. Just a day to do whatever I want whenever I want whether it be laze around, read to my hearts content, watch copious amounts of daytime or sleep till alarm clock to awaken me at 5:45am...ummmmm wait...What.Is.That.Noise? It’s 5:45am and I hear music playing! Arrrrgh!

Yes being the creature of habit that I am, I sabotaged my own day off. Yes I set my alarm clock before I went to bed Thursday night obviously not a thought looming in my head of my impending day off and yes it went off at 5:45am just like clockwork. Yes I am a loser!

After my initial disorientation, you know when you wake up and you can’t remember what day of the week it is; do I or don’t I have to go to work today? There was some name calling and bad words were yelled but after a quick trip to the potty, I tumbled myself back into bed, pulled the covers back up and snuggled under their warmth easily returning to the land of peaceful slumber. A little bump in the road to the start of my day off, but I got over it quickly and when I did finally wake up (no need to tell you want time it was), I did all the things I wanted to do and more, but mostly is was just so great not have to go to work.

If there is a silver lining - my day could have started out worse than being woken up at 5:45am on my day off - I could have forgotten to set my alarm on a day I was supposed to work. I think I like the way things turned out better.


Julie said...

Gah! I hate waking up and having that initial panic because you can't remember what day it is!
Fun post, as always. I enjoy your Sunday Sigh posts!

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Thanks Julie! As long as I keep doing dumb things - there will always be lots of material for The Sunday Sigh.