Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sunday *Sigh*: At The Post - Again

Do you ever go back and re-read your old blog posts or reviews?

I agonize over my blog posts - probably waaaaay more than I should. It takes me a long time to write a witty, mildly amusing, spoiler free, thoughtful, insightful, helpful (did I leave any adjectives out ?) review.

Sometimes I think I spend more time writing the review then I actually spend time reading the book. A natural at this blogging thing I am not. I try to take notes as I read along (if I can remember to - this is a recent addition to the process), write the review, proof-read, spell-check, copy and paste my “review” into Blogger, read and spell-check it again, make subtle changes to enhance it‘s awesomeness, copy and paste it back into Word, proof-read and spell-check it yet again. *Deep breath* let it sit a day, go back and read it again to make sure it doesn’t blow and has something to offer before I finally copy and paste a polished review into Blogger. Phewwwwww that’s a lot of work! We’re at the post - we’re off! Hit publish, post and send!

Seriously given the process I just outlined above - I would be very skeptical and quite amazed if I found a mistake in one of my old reviews. Seriously...I would!

This week someone on Goodreads commented on a review I posted a mere 3 months ago. So I went back and re-read my own words of wisdom to see what I had so eloquently written to prompt a comment and noticed in the very first guessed it...a MISTAKE. W.T.F.? The very first sentence? Are you kidding me? It wasn’t a spelling mistake per-se (I spell-check 15 times...ok may 5 times) but instead of using the correct word vast - I used the word fast. Edit, fix and save.

So the next day, I received a second comment on the same review and this time I actually re-read the entire review and guess what? I found another MISTAKE! Double W.T.F.! This time instead of using the correct word what, I substituted want. Grrrrrrr! Edit, fix and save…again.

Literally these mistakes just jumped off the page right at me as I was re-reading my review. How the hell did I miss them in the first place? It boggles my mind. Is it too ODC of me to go back and revisit all my previous posts looking for errors? Ya...that’s not going to happen.

Have you ever gone back a week, a month or a year later and discovered an error in one of your blog posts or reviews on Goodreads?

PS: If you find any errors in this post - keep it to yourself. Let me find my own mistakes a couple of months from now...or never.


ms bookjunkie said...

Oy. I should never ever EVER visit old comments of mine on blogs. I was fact-checking on something an author had said in an old interview that I'd commented on (and can I make this sentence more complicated?), so I read my two-year-old squeealicious comment while I was there…and realized that I'd informed the author I was awaiting the arrival of her book with "baited" breath. *headdesk* Mouthwash, anyone?

Shannon@BooksDevoured said...

I have started to write reviews a week or more before i am ready to post them whenever possible. Sometimes up to three or four weeks early. When I review the post before it goes up I am often wondering why anyone reads anything I write! I catch the silliest mistakes. Spelling and grammar both. It has convinced me that I need a week or so of time to be able to see what is really there and not just what i expect. I try not to look at my old stuff too much!

Julie said...

OMG you write reviews like I do! It takes me days!
I once wrote the wrong name for the main hero all through my review. Not once, but every time I mention his name, it was the wrong name. I like to think it was my spell-checker that was responsible because it happened many many times but who knows? And guess who brought it to my attention? The Author! I almost died!

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Julie: Oh no! Anyone but the Author! I think I would have been looking for the nearest hole to crawl in to. Darn spell-checker!

Shannon: I'm like you - who is going to read this? I often wonder why I agonize over my reviews as much as I do.

MSbookjunkie: Yes best to just leave the old posts alone!