Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterback: I've Got The Music In Me...or Not

As I suspected the gym was a nightmare last week. Too many people and not enough machines. It doesn't help that 3 of the 15 treadmills are already out of commission. Let's get those fixed stat!

I learned a very important lesson this week and one I will never repeat. I arrived at the gym one night to discover that *gasp* my ITouch was dead. No fast music to get my heart pumping on the elliptical! No Ebook to read! Keeeel Meeee Now! I nearly had a panic attack and would have left if not for all the people who would have seen be arrive and leave five minutes later.

I need music to motivate me and so I can lose myself in the words and the melody (as in I can forget I am running). Even with no Usher or Rihanna or Ke$sha to sing along to, I did somehow persevere but it was the longest 35mins of my life on the treadmill. With no book to read, I didn't ride the bike at all that night. I just couldn't do it.

Important life lesson learned: Always make sure the ITouch is charged and always bring a paperback book for backup.

The Weight Chronicles Volume 2

I still wasn't feeling 100% last week and didn't want to push my workouts at the gym, but I did hit all my exercise goals (5days, run 3x and weights 3x).

I definitely need to work on the water consumption. I don't think I drank as much as I wanted to any of the days. I need to seriously work on that this week. All in all, I didn't have a biggest loser weight loss number, but I did lose 4 lbs and I'm happy with that.

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